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Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle

Once again I am in Japan. This is trip number 18. Flew into Nagoya and then hung around there for a few days on business before heading north on Wednesday. Kaz, JC (other JC) and I found ourselves with an hour to kill in Matusmoto while we waited for a train, so […]

February Weekend

The weekend basically started Thursday (sort of), with a nice reprise of the Pint Club at Rock Bottom. Several of us met there and had a few good beers while chatting about life. Since most of us work at the same place, work inevitably came up, followed by the inevitable cursing 🙂

Friday was a […]

Come Fly With Me, Come Fly Away

It’s been almost a month or something like that since I posted to my blog. So, whatever readership I had that were not close personal friends or family has, I’m sure, given up and stopped bothering long since. But just to let you know that I am still alive, here’s a CONTROVERSIAL NEW BLOG ENTRY* […]


Chris at the Todaiji Originally uploaded by neepster.

Another post from Japan a couple of weeks ago.

On Saturday we checked out of the hotel, checked our bags with the bell hop and took a train to Nara. Nara was the capital of Japan for 74 years starting in 710 AD, before the emperor […]

Nippon Encore

I am once again here in Japan. Today I find myself in Tokyo with nothing to do… my business meeting was cancelled, so I am going to go to Nikko, which has the tomb of the first Tokugawa Shogun, as well as the tombs of a couple of other important people. I was thinkng about […]

Quick Stuff

Played a little tennis today and did some work (not nearly enough). Bleh. Also tried to clean up this house in anticipation of my parents and brother visiting, which is easier said than done when I have two pets who insist on vomiting on stuff and/or bringing in baby birds that they then chew up […]

This is Why I Don’t Blog About Work

There is a reason I don’t discuss work on my blog other than in passing. No he said, she said. No ranting about how incompetent I think some people are, etc. The reason is this. Unlike Petite Anglaise, I don’t have to worry about my boss using my PC, however, at least 3 or 4 […]


So, as I posted earlier, I am back from Nippon. Still jet lagged like crazy, but there’s not much to be done about that. I did NOT get Mibu Gishi Den. Argh! The reason this time is that I agreed to shepard two other folks from my company to Akihabara. I did so, and when […]

En Nippon Again

Yes, once again I am in Japan. Trip number 14. I flew into Narita this time instead of Kansai since it matched my work travel plans better. The flight over was relatively ok. I think I am getting inured to this 11 hour flying stuff, as sad as that is. Of course, that last 2 […]

Hero Concert

Last night I and some friends (none of whom blog, so no fun links there) went to a Hero concert at the Rio Salado Brewing Company in Tempe. As I’ve mentioned before, a friend of mine is the drummer. The band has been steadily adding songs and they are up to a comfortable number to […]

Karaoke and Sake in Arizona

Friday night some friends from work and I got together at a Sushi/TV/Sports bar (yes, it actually says all that out front) in Gilbert to drink and sing karaoke. Now, knowing this bar was in Gilbert, Arizona, where I used to live before moving to the oh so much more fashionalble South Chandler :), I […]

CD-R Reliability Study

One of the newsgroups at work pointed out this NIST study on CD-R reliability. This sort of thing is amazingly like what I spend a large part of my time doing, except on other products. I found it very illuminating in all aspects except that it doesn’t identify the CD-Rs and DVD-Rs by manufacturer name! […]

Kyoto & Other People’s Blogs

First of all I noticed that it is snowing in Kyoto. As you can see in the picture the Kinkakuji (Golden Pavillion) is beautiful in the snow. If you’ve ever been to Kyoto you’ve probably been to this temple and maybe to the Ginkakuji (Silver Pavillion) and the 15 other UNESCO/World Heritage sites in Kyoto. […]

Crappy Blogger

I’ve decided I’m a really crappy blogger. I have lots of stuff to say, but never any time to say it. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. The real answer is that I am too busy playing Doom3 or City of Heros or other such things in my precious spare time that I […]

In Japan – With Earthquakes

So, I’m back in Japan for the 13th time. No, I am NOT a triskadekaphobe… or at least that is what I keep telling myself. The plane ride was uneventful, although I am glad I went through SFO since LAX closed down due to some TSA stupidity. Because of that, I don’t think my supplier […]

The Band Hero

Found out today that one of the engineers I work with is in a punk rock band. The band is called Hero. Take a look… it’s not bad. Sun, the guy I work with, is on this page.

Tokyo and Flying

I am on the plane again, but this time is quite a bit more comfortable than last time. After a predictable last day trip to Akihabara, Boyd and I headed for Narita on the Narita Express. We got there fairly early, which was great, because United said the flight to SFO was full and they […]

Osaka and Hiroshima

Friday night Ravi and I hopped on the Hikari Shinkansen and went to Osaka. At our stop in Kyoto, we got the “Kyoto… Kyoto desu” sound-bite from “Lost in Translation”. I think I said that about 10 times… 🙂 For those who interested in a translation of the different kinds of Shinkansen, I’m putting together […]

On the Plane

I’m on the plane to Japan again. Trip number 12. Funnily enough, one of movies being shown is Lost in Translation. I think my favorite scene is the karaoke bar… Come to think of it, I like karaoke bars in Japan too… 🙂 I’m watching it for the 2nd time now on the plane and […]