This is Why I Don’t Blog About Work

There is a reason I don’t discuss work on my blog other than in passing. No he said, she said. No ranting about how incompetent I think some people are, etc. The reason is this. Unlike Petite Anglaise, I don’t have to worry about my boss using my PC, however, at least 3 or 4 people at work know I blog, and that means that anyone could find out with a little effort, and I have no desire to be “dooced”. Hence there will be no conversations from work replayed in my blog. No “then Bob said ‘She’s a complete ho! ‘ or “then Mary said ‘And I said screw THAT!’”, etc. So, my blog may not be that interesting, but at least I shouldn’t get fired for writing it.

4 comments to This is Why I Don’t Blog About Work

  • Pug

    *nod* Same reason I don’t blog about work. :)

  • neepster

    The reason YOU don’t blog about work is that the FBI would come after you :)

  • It was an April Fool’s joke – but I think it was convincing precisely because I’ve imagined the scenario many times….

    I don’t blog about work though. I just blog from work, sometimes. When I have nothing else to do.

  • Wako

    JC, I think you don’t blog about work because it would be a federal offense :)

    Petite, thanks for letting me know about the April fools joke. You got me good :) Sounded totally believable. I do have to admit I was worried though. Your site is too good to go down!

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