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Ben Is Here!


On February 2nd, 2009 Amy gave birth to Benjamin, our new baby boy! He was 7lbs, 5.8oz and 20 inches long when he was born. Just an inch shorter, but a good 2lbs heavier than his dad when he was born 38 long years ago. 🙂 Ben was in a hurry to get […]

Final Baby Name Poll Results!

Final Baby Name Poll Results!

Ok, I am about to post an official announcement about the baby, but before I do that, I thought I would post the final results of the baby name poll.

Thanks to everyone who voted. Amy and I both appreciated your help in choosing the baby’s name.

I […]

Amy’s Blog

For those who don’t know (which at this point pretty much has to be everyone other than me), Amy started a blog a while ago here. She has written a little bit about the baby coming and I think she is a good writer, so please visit and encourage her.

Wedding in Las Vegas


Yes, I know this may come as a shock to some folks, but I am now married again! Amy and I met on e-Harmony in mid 2006 and we hit it off really, really well. Our personalities match up so nicely, it almost seems like magic how easily we get along. I hope […]

Where Have I Been?

The Intrepid Flyers

Ok, I know it has been a long time since I’ve posted. I can only plead incredible busyness. Of course, those who accept the busy excuse will have to ignore all the time I’ve spent playing Company of Heros.

Assuming you accept the busyness (or perhaps I mean business) excuse, here’s […]

Cloud Has Left Us


My parents dog, Cloud, has passed away. She was a great dog. She will be missed. Good-bye Cloud. 🙁

Thank you for the all the love you gave us in your far too short time with us. We love you and miss you terribly.


This is the Swamp

Last weekend the family and I went to the Florida vs. Alabama game in Gainesville, Florida. We tailgated across from the stadium and got to see the players show up and the Gator Walk. Florida is celebrating 100 years of football and as such was playing in their “throwback” uniforms (uniforms from “back in […]

Happy New Year

Well, I’m back after a nice relaxing holiday vacation in Florida with the family. Things done while on vacation: sleeping (a lot), drinking (a bit), played some golf with Dad and Uncle Chuck, drove a Vette, shot some firearms with JC (first time, thx JC!), visited with cousin Chuck at his place and took a […]


With the holidays here upon us, like many folks I am trying to finish off the final few errands before Christmas strikes. This includes buying a few gifts (which I am finally done with as of this evening – whew!), packing, listening to Christmas songs and generally trying to get in the mood of the […]


Although my family has evacuated from the path of Dennis, our prayers were not answered and it made landfall almost on top of Navarre Beach. This unfortunately puts Ft. Walton Beach and Destin in the most damaging quarter of the hurricane, the NE quarter. Having seen the damage done by Ivan last year, I fear […]

Inverness Day 2

In honor of finally getting up some photos from Scotland, I am reposting my previous Scotland blog post so you have a better commentary. The photos are here.

We started off our only full day in Inverness by going to Culloden Battlefield. This was the last battle fought on British soil, in 1745. Here Bonnie […]


Well, Mom and Dad and Jay got here on Friday. Friday we had lunch at Los Dos Molinos and then dinner at Grimaldi’s. In between we didn’t do that much. On Saturday we went to the Superstitions to look around a bit. We went to the Superstition Mountain Museum and then to Tortilla Flat where […]


In December 2004, we went back to Nebraska for my Grandmother’s funeral. Despite the very sad occasion, we took a lot of pictures because we don’t get back there often. I hadn’t been there in 12 years. This time back we visited a lot with family, went to the farm, cried a lot and reminisced, […]

London Pics Online

Yes, I know it has been more than 6 months since we went to Europe, but I plead laziness for not getting these up sooner. The sad part is there a lot more than this to put up. In anycase, here for your viewing pleasure are ALL of our pics from London (note that this […]

Email Snafu

Well, I reinstalled Windoze again last night in order to a) Turn on Hyperthreading and b) make sure I was trojan free (with Windoze, you can never be 100% sure, especially after 6 months). In the process, I backed up all my important stuff, but somehow, when I backed up my Thunderbird directory, my Inbox […]

X-mas is Over

And we are safely back in Phoenix after going back to Florida for New Year’s. I hope you all had a good Christmas or Holiday. We had a good time seeing the family even though it seemed to never stop raining :). The highlight of the trip though was the trip to Biloxi. We saw […]

Back from Europe

Sorry for no blog updates for a while, but as most of you know, we were out of town vacationing in Europe for two weeks. I am now on the flight back to Phoenix from Atlanta and am really tired and ready for my “vacation” to be over. I will post some of the individual […]

Manchester and Wales

In the morning we got up and went down to the Clava Cairns, which were only a couple of miles from our B&B, although we went the long way around since we are foolish tourists 🙂 . The Cairns are the remains of an ancient burial ground from as long ago as 2000 B.C.! 4,000 […]


Yes, more logs from the trip… I know I am lame, but I’ve been playing too much City of Heros and Doom3.

Took a taxi/limo to Heathrow, then BMI airlines to Inverness, Scotland, theoretical home of the Loch Ness Monster. The airport is fairly small, as one might expect, but nice. So small that the […]

This Is London

Again, for the historically disinclined, the title of this blog article is taken from Edward R. Murrow’s broadcasts from London during the Blitz of 1940. He always started off with “This is London.”

In our last full day in London we of course had to see everything we hadn’t seen before. This meant going to […]