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Evolution and Theology

Since I am not up to much of anything useful, I will post a couple of things that I have read recently. With the recent Ohio school board decision to include Intelligent Design as an equal theory with Evolution to teach children about the origins of humanity, I am posting a couple of essays I […]


Well, I’ve reinstalled Windoze again. Maybe I didn’t have to, but I can’t help feeling the need to every 6 months or so. One thing about reinstalling so often is that I am getting quite good and making sure I back things up and can reinstall everything quickly. I managed to get Thunderbird and Enigmail […]

No WMDs… Shocking

Well, the last report by the last WMD inspector in Iraq is out and guess what? No WMDs found!!! Shocking! I remember a United States of America where a lie of this magnitude would be enough to cause the government to fall, but not any more. Our bread and circuses keep us so entertained that […]

Hackberry Springs

Today I took a hike into the Superstitions to Hackberry Spring. There a couple of different ways to get there, but I decided to take the one that was least difficult to get lost on, which turned out to be the one that is most difficult to walk :). From First Water Trailhead I took […]

Inverness Day 2

In honor of finally getting up some photos from Scotland, I am reposting my previous Scotland blog post so you have a better commentary. The photos are here.

We started off our only full day in Inverness by going to Culloden Battlefield. This was the last battle fought on British soil, in 1745. Here Bonnie […]

Mixed Stuff

Well, since the family left, I haven’t had much to post about. I certainly haven’t done much other than work, so I think I will post a mixture of stuff that I’ve been reading lately.

Next is a really good post on Bruce Schneier’s blog about a very big misnomer, identity theft. As Bruce […]


Well, Mom and Dad and Jay got here on Friday. Friday we had lunch at Los Dos Molinos and then dinner at Grimaldi’s. In between we didn’t do that much. On Saturday we went to the Superstitions to look around a bit. We went to the Superstition Mountain Museum and then to Tortilla Flat where […]


In December 2004, we went back to Nebraska for my Grandmother’s funeral. Despite the very sad occasion, we took a lot of pictures because we don’t get back there often. I hadn’t been there in 12 years. This time back we visited a lot with family, went to the farm, cried a lot and reminisced, […]

Brothers in Arms

There is a new WWII first person shooter game that came out in mid-March called Brothers in Arms. Prior to this game, Call of Duty was the unequivocal leader of the WWII shooters. However, after playing through most of Brothers in Arms, I can honestly say this game beats COD. The graphics are as good […]

Quick Stuff

Played a little tennis today and did some work (not nearly enough). Bleh. Also tried to clean up this house in anticipation of my parents and brother visiting, which is easier said than done when I have two pets who insist on vomiting on stuff and/or bringing in baby birds that they then chew up […]

Why Biometrics Aren’t a Holy Grail

In the security field, which has seen a lot of interest since 9/11, biometrics (the ability to identify someone by some biologically unique method – fingerprint, retina scan, etc), has become some sort of holy grail for indentification and authentication. For example, IBM recently released a ThinkPad that has a fingerprint scanner built in. You […]

This is Why I Don’t Blog About Work

There is a reason I don’t discuss work on my blog other than in passing. No he said, she said. No ranting about how incompetent I think some people are, etc. The reason is this. Unlike Petite Anglaise, I don’t have to worry about my boss using my PC, however, at least 3 or 4 […]