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The Truth Hurts

“The world is a hard and lonely place and no one gets anything for free and you know what else? One day you and everyone you know is going to die.” – Huey Freeman

Well, my host provider was down for the last three days so I finally got fed up and switched. They claimed they were hacked and all the backups are hosed, so I am having to reinstall the blog with a backup from May, hence the missing entries. I will fix it soon.

BTW, if you’ve sent me any email in the last few days, please resend it, because it probably went into electronic never-never-land. More tomorrow as I am dead tired (it is 12:08am).

2 comments to The Truth Hurts

  • Pug

    Holy crap. Note to self: do not use your provider…

    Backups hosed… so the hacker walked into the tape repository and set it on fire?

    anyway, oww… sorry bro. 🙁

  • site admin

    Yeah, Mesopia aka Netbunch aka Webhostplus SUCK!!! Never ever use them. Who leaves their backups on the same SERVERS as the data!!!!! IDIOTS!!! Either that or they are liars. I tend to believe the latter.

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