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The Band Hero

Found out today that one of the engineers I work with is in a punk rock band. The band is called Hero. Take a look… it’s not bad. Sun, the guy I work with, is on this page.

Tokyo and Flying

I am on the plane again, but this time is quite a bit more comfortable than last time. After a predictable last day trip to Akihabara, Boyd and I headed for Narita on the Narita Express. We got there fairly early, which was great, because United said the flight to SFO was full and they […]

Osaka and Hiroshima

Friday night Ravi and I hopped on the Hikari Shinkansen and went to Osaka. At our stop in Kyoto, we got the “Kyoto… Kyoto desu” sound-bite from “Lost in Translation”. I think I said that about 10 times… 🙂 For those who interested in a translation of the different kinds of Shinkansen, I’m putting together […]

On the Plane

I’m on the plane to Japan again. Trip number 12. Funnily enough, one of movies being shown is Lost in Translation. I think my favorite scene is the karaoke bar… Come to think of it, I like karaoke bars in Japan too… 🙂 I’m watching it for the 2nd time now on the plane and […]

Found on a Pillow Card in Japan

“A Tanka Poem

I wonder if your feelings of love will last. Maybe they will, but I lack faith. I do not know. While together in the evening, I believed. But this morning, like my disheveled hair, My heart is confused. – Horikawa Taikenmonin”

Latest Stuff

I spent yesterday putting in a pet door, working on my new Combat Mission scenario “Fox Green Omaha”, taking Bella to a “Bark Park” and making Bruschetta among other things. I see that the Simpon’s cast is no longer holding out for more money, which is good news.

In other news, an airsoft […]