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Humphreys Peak Hike

The weekend before last, Brent and Barry and I went on our third hike in a row. This time was the real charm. We hiked to the top of Humphreys Peak, whose summit is the tallest point in Arizona at 12,633ft (or 12,643 ft
if you include the man-made rock cairn at the top). We once again left Phoenix well before dawn and drove north to Flagstaff.
We got to the trailhead near Snowbowl, at about 8am or so. I bought a book of hikes near Flagstaff. There are in excess of 100 hikes in that book and I made sure to read this hike description to Brent and Barry. Especially the last line “This is the hardest hike in this book”.
According to my book, this hike is a 3800+ft elevation gain and is 9 miles roundtrip. Surprisingly, I had much less difficulty with the
first half of this hike than I did with Kendrick. We made it to the
saddle (at about 11,900ft) with little trouble by 11 or so. After a quick snacky lunch, we started the climb to the peak. Brent and I were sucking wind pretty quickly on the hike to the summit. We would both go about 50 feet and then be huffing and puffing. Barry on the other hand was magically turned into a mountain goat who never had to stop :) . Interesting note, there are 3 “false” summits on this hike. Just when you think you have made it to the top, you realize, nope, the REAL summit is up the trail further. THREE TIMES! Anyway, it was a fun hike, if very demanding. My legs really wanted to give out on the last mile of the return trip… Now maybe I can try the Flatiron again (when it cools off). Photos are up on Flickr.

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