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Hilarious Stuff from Around the Web

Ok, I am working on a post to sort of bring things up to date, but haven’t finished writing it yet. Everytime I sit down to do it, I get tired and start playing BF2 or CMSF or Civ4 or Black Hawk Down or Medieval II or… well, you get the idea.

However, I did finally fix the rotating Kubrick problem, even though it took me TWO HOURS!!!! Blah! It doesn’t look quite right either because of some weird backgroundness in the header, but I can’t figure out what got hosed, and it is 12:40am, so I am gonna give up. A couple links that I have run across that are pretty hilarious though, for your browsing pleasure.

The second is the I Has a Bucket Walrus. I like to do this voice with a vaguely Caribbean accent but no matter what the voice in your head sounds like, you have to admit that you feel for the poor walrus.

The last is the Cat Cam of Mr. Lee, which shows what cats that are left free to run around the neighborhood get up to. Poor Mr. Lee has a cat cam around his neck, so he rats out all his kitty friends, but pretty cool nonetheless. Ok, gotta go to bed….

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