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South Mountain Sunset

South Mountain Sunset

Recently Amy got a new camera for her birthday. It is a DSLR, which for those who are acronymly challenged means Digital Single Lens Reflex. It’s a nice way of saying that you look through the viewfinder and it uses a mirror to direct your view directly through the lens […]

Schmap Guide Photos

The Flamingo

I know it has been a LOOONG time since I posted, but I have a big backlog of things to post. One of those things is the fact that two of my photos have been selected for inclusion in Schmap Guide Books. One is this Flamingo picture from Las Vegas which is […]

The Truth Hurts

“The world is a hard and lonely place and no one gets anything for free and you know what else? One day you and everyone you know is going to die.” – Huey Freeman

Well, my host provider was down for the last three days so I finally got fed up and switched. They […]

Damn Interesting

I have been reading this site for a while now, because every day or so they post something, well, interesting. Since I don’t have much else to post, I thought I’d link to one of their most recent interesting items, a discussion on how to design a sign to tell people 100,000 years from now […]

Thermally Driven Exponential Resistivity in Germanium

Did that title get your attention? No, I am not back in school (thank God!). Instead, a friend of mine just pointed me to this HILARIOUS website at the University of Wisconsin with a lab report from some undergrad trying to replicate the findings whatever giant in the field determined the title to this post. […]

Pretty Cool

A friend of mine noticed these very cool wallpaper photos of macs on Flickr…

Tres cool…

Warp Speed Mr. Scott

From the realm of science fiction comes this very interesting article. Apparently the Air Force is going to try to make some warp engines using some strange quantum concept that says a very large magnetic field can be used to create a gravity well. Supposedly, if this worked, we could go from the Earth to […]


With the holidays here upon us, like many folks I am trying to finish off the final few errands before Christmas strikes. This includes buying a few gifts (which I am finally done with as of this evening – whew!), packing, listening to Christmas songs and generally trying to get in the mood of the […]

Brothers in Arms

There is a new WWII first person shooter game that came out in mid-March called Brothers in Arms. Prior to this game, Call of Duty was the unequivocal leader of the WWII shooters. However, after playing through most of Brothers in Arms, I can honestly say this game beats COD. The graphics are as good […]

Why Biometrics Aren’t a Holy Grail

In the security field, which has seen a lot of interest since 9/11, biometrics (the ability to identify someone by some biologically unique method – fingerprint, retina scan, etc), has become some sort of holy grail for indentification and authentication. For example, IBM recently released a ThinkPad that has a fingerprint scanner built in. You […]

How to Make a Kubrick

I’ve sorta settled on Random Image as my WP1.5 theme, at least for now. This theme randomly rotates the top images, called Kubricks, after the movie director of the same name. So, I spent last night trying to figure out how to make my own Kubricks out of the images I have. I found some […]

Playing with Themes

There are many new themes up for WP 1.5, so I am playing with some of them. Just in case you come to the site while I am doing it and decide you are going crazy 🙂

Computer Died Again…

Two days ago, my main PC died. Yes, died. How did it die? I am sad to say it died because the processor overheated my socket. Yes, not a normal sort of failure mode, but nevertheless… The story goes like so: My main PC was overheating often, especially when doing processor intensive tasks like Unreal […]


While reading Bruce Schneier’s blog, and a lot of discussion of phishing, I was pointed to Spoofstick. Spoofstick is an extension for Firefox AND IE that shows you in a toolbar what the REAL site you are on is called. This is necessary because of a […]

So There IS A Galactic Mind After All

Not sure who else noticed this since it was on Slashdot over the weekend, but apparently The Global Conciousness Project has hooked up black box REG (Random Event Generators – basically hardware random number generators) all over the world to monitor the World Mind. Yes, you heard me correctly. Apparently experimentation has shown that people […]

CD-R Reliability Study

One of the newsgroups at work pointed out this NIST study on CD-R reliability. This sort of thing is amazingly like what I spend a large part of my time doing, except on other products. I found it very illuminating in all aspects except that it doesn’t identify the CD-Rs and DVD-Rs by manufacturer name! […]

Email Snafu

Well, I reinstalled Windoze again last night in order to a) Turn on Hyperthreading and b) make sure I was trojan free (with Windoze, you can never be 100% sure, especially after 6 months). In the process, I backed up all my important stuff, but somehow, when I backed up my Thunderbird directory, my Inbox […]

Useful Windows Stuff Everyone Should Have

Reposting this useful list of programs for a friend, and others. These programs are listed in order of importance.

Note: I always install Zone Alarm (the free version) FIRST, before I install ANYTHING else. Do this BEFORE you start patching WinXP or Win2k or else you might as well hang a “TROJAN ME!” sign on […]

Creative Commons Plugin for WordPress

Reading JC’s blog drove me to Lawrence Lessig’s blog, which drove me to this plugin for WordPress, which allows one to auto set a Creative Commons license for your website. Way cool. Of course the bad news is that it is only for WordPress v1.5. Incidentally, J.C. is becoming famous!

Best European Weblog

Looking for more (and better) weblogs than mine? Check out the Best European Weblog Awards for some good examples of great blogs. Incidentally, One Good Thing, a blog I read a lot is nominated for best non-European Blog. Hey, where else do you get a female adult toy store owner giving you her take on […]