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Confucious Says

Chi Kang Tzu asked Confucious about government, saying “What would you think if, in order to move closer to those who possess the Way, I were to kill those who do not follow the Way?”

Confucious answered “In administering your government, what need is there for you to kill? Just desire the good in […]

Computer Died Again…

Two days ago, my main PC died. Yes, died. How did it die? I am sad to say it died because the processor overheated my socket. Yes, not a normal sort of failure mode, but nevertheless… The story goes like so: My main PC was overheating often, especially when doing processor intensive tasks like Unreal […]

Home Sick and Interesting Stories

I am down with the flu or something, so I am home sick. The fun part of course is that I still have to work, as I have a phone con with a supplier tonight and if I miss that I had better not just be sick, but dead as well.

However, thanks be […]

Scottsdale Open Qualifiers

Yesterday, Jean and I went to the Scottsdale Open at the Fairmont Princess Resort in Scottsdale to watch the qualifying rounds. We did this primarily because it is free :), but also because Jean had never been to a professional tournament before. Of course, neither had I until a few years ago when Christi took […]

Hero Concert

Last night I and some friends (none of whom blog, so no fun links there) went to a Hero concert at the Rio Salado Brewing Company in Tempe. As I’ve mentioned before, a friend of mine is the drummer. The band has been steadily adding songs and they are up to a comfortable number to […]

Karaoke and Sake in Arizona

Friday night some friends from work and I got together at a Sushi/TV/Sports bar (yes, it actually says all that out front) in Gilbert to drink and sing karaoke. Now, knowing this bar was in Gilbert, Arizona, where I used to live before moving to the oh so much more fashionalble South Chandler :), I […]


While reading Bruce Schneier’s blog, and a lot of discussion of phishing, I was pointed to Spoofstick. Spoofstick is an extension for Firefox AND IE that shows you in a toolbar what the REAL site you are on is called. This is necessary because of a […]

So There IS A Galactic Mind After All

Not sure who else noticed this since it was on Slashdot over the weekend, but apparently The Global Conciousness Project has hooked up black box REG (Random Event Generators – basically hardware random number generators) all over the world to monitor the World Mind. Yes, you heard me correctly. Apparently experimentation has shown that people […]

Water Heater

So, this morning I’m getting into the shower and I realize I have no hot water. I run downstairs and the floor is wet. Aw oh! I run out into the garage and the water heater is leaking like a sieve. So, long story short, today we got a new water heater and I got […]

CD-R Reliability Study

One of the newsgroups at work pointed out this NIST study on CD-R reliability. This sort of thing is amazingly like what I spend a large part of my time doing, except on other products. I found it very illuminating in all aspects except that it doesn’t identify the CD-Rs and DVD-Rs by manufacturer name! […]

Test from Hell

As bad as some of my tests in college were (and as bad as I did on some of them), I never once even considered being this blatantly flippant. I have to admit though, it is a funny read, despite it originally being in Slovenian. I hope his economics teacher got a good laugh out […]


Yesterday I decided that it had been a good long time since I’d been hiking, so I decided to go to the Superstitions. Unfortunately, as usually happens, I procrastinated long enough that instead of getting there around noon like I was hoping, I got there around 3pm or so, just in time for the rain […]

London Pics Online

Yes, I know it has been more than 6 months since we went to Europe, but I plead laziness for not getting these up sooner. The sad part is there a lot more than this to put up. In anycase, here for your viewing pleasure are ALL of our pics from London (note that this […]

Email Snafu

Well, I reinstalled Windoze again last night in order to a) Turn on Hyperthreading and b) make sure I was trojan free (with Windoze, you can never be 100% sure, especially after 6 months). In the process, I backed up all my important stuff, but somehow, when I backed up my Thunderbird directory, my Inbox […]

Kyoto & Other People’s Blogs

First of all I noticed that it is snowing in Kyoto. As you can see in the picture the Kinkakuji (Golden Pavillion) is beautiful in the snow. If you’ve ever been to Kyoto you’ve probably been to this temple and maybe to the Ginkakuji (Silver Pavillion) and the 15 other UNESCO/World Heritage sites in Kyoto. […]

Useful Windows Stuff Everyone Should Have

Reposting this useful list of programs for a friend, and others. These programs are listed in order of importance.

Note: I always install Zone Alarm (the free version) FIRST, before I install ANYTHING else. Do this BEFORE you start patching WinXP or Win2k or else you might as well hang a “TROJAN ME!” sign on […]