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Economic Hit Men and Taxi Cab Blogs

From a friend of mine comes this link to an interview with an author of a new book. The book, entitled “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” is about how the NSA and CIA used civilian commercial enterprises to sink third world countries into massive debt as a means to both drum up business for […]

Become a Republican

From a friend of mine at work comes the following flash movie. This movie is HILARIOUS. The movie is about what you need to do to become a Republican. The premise is that the viewer is a Democrat who is tired of being a member of the losing side. So here is a short video […]

Google Video

Thanks to JC’s SCHUA video, I have now discovered Google Video! I didn’t know this existed, but it is kinda interesting. Take for example this video of an idiot getting shot with 140 paintballs. Or this one of Bob Sapp (a sort of ultimate fighter in something called the K1) chasing little Japanese women around […]

Just a Piece of Paper

Apparently, last month our “Commander in Chief” called some congressmen & women into his Oval Office and tried to convince them all that the fascist, draconian piece of shite known as the PATRIOT Act was a good thing. When confronted by said congresspeople and his aides about how damaging to the Constitution this police state […]

Evolution and Theology

Since I am not up to much of anything useful, I will post a couple of things that I have read recently. With the recent Ohio school board decision to include Intelligent Design as an equal theory with Evolution to teach children about the origins of humanity, I am posting a couple of essays I […]

No WMDs… Shocking

Well, the last report by the last WMD inspector in Iraq is out and guess what? No WMDs found!!! Shocking! I remember a United States of America where a lie of this magnitude would be enough to cause the government to fall, but not any more. Our bread and circuses keep us so entertained that […]

Mixed Stuff

Well, since the family left, I haven’t had much to post about. I certainly haven’t done much other than work, so I think I will post a mixture of stuff that I’ve been reading lately.

Next is a really good post on Bruce Schneier’s blog about a very big misnomer, identity theft. As Bruce […]

Very Interesting Blog

Wanna know what’s going on in Iraq? If you are like me, not really. I am pretty tired of hearing about it. However, the choice seems to either be Iraq, Terri Schiavo, or Social Security so…. This blog is an Iraqi blog from a woman who lives in Baghdad. It paints quite a different picture […]

Confucious Says

Chi Kang Tzu asked Confucious about government, saying “What would you think if, in order to move closer to those who possess the Way, I were to kill those who do not follow the Way?”

Confucious answered “In administering your government, what need is there for you to kill? Just desire the good in […]

Home Sick and Interesting Stories

I am down with the flu or something, so I am home sick. The fun part of course is that I still have to work, as I have a phone con with a supplier tonight and if I miss that I had better not just be sick, but dead as well.

However, thanks be […]

What the Hell is Happening to this Country?

Thanks to Bitch Ph.d today for pointing me to this. Apparently the Bush administration thinks it is just fine to pay off journalists to espouse their government programs. Note that this is something that is almost certainly illegal. It is propaganda, plain and simple. This is something that Nazi Germany did for Christ’s sake! This […]

Not One Damn Dime Day

Apparently an email has been making the rounds that request that those who don’t care for being lied to by their leaders make their feelings known on the day that George W. Bush is reinaugurated as our Commander in Chief by not spending a single, solitary dime on that day (January 20th). Sort of a […]


From the annals of wierd history come the following poems. The rough background is as follows. During the American Civil War the Confederacy (South) required large amounts of saltpeter (Potassium Nitrate-K2N03) since this, along with 15% charcoal and 10% sulfur makes gunpowder. Unfortunately they didn’t have large amounts of potassium nitrate just laying around, so […]

Four More Years of Constitutional Destruction

The elections are over, and FUD won. For those who do not know, FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, and is used to describe those times when people attempt to scare others into doing as they wish. Tricky Dick Cheney and Karl Rove have just shown a classic example of how to use FUD […]

A Political Discourse

“Fine… Vote for your coke snorting, warmongering, fascist, draft dodging, lying, corrupt scumbag… I’m voting for my treasonous, baby-killing, POW-leaving, flip-flopping, corrupt scumbag…”

Four Years of Lost Liberties

Dan Gilmore writes a good article about what has happened to our civil liberties under George W Bush.

Police State

Not content to violate your 4th amendment rights and treat you as a suspected terrorist everytime you get on an airplane, the TSA is now asking the airlines to provide the passenger name records (PNR) of every passenger who flew in the US in June in order to make their “No Fly List” more robust. […]

Full Metal Jacket

I’ve recently bought the DVD of “Full Metal Jacket” by Stanley Kubrick. I already had the VHS tape, but hey, I had to go digital. You know, that movie isn’t really meant to be a comedy, but I’ll be damned if parts of it aren’t funny as hell. The quotes from this movie are second […]


I just recently finished reading this book that a friend lent to me. I’m left wondering how the United States educational system could have left me so ignorant as to believe that Christopher Columbus discovered America. As you might be able to tell, I am sort of bitter that our history books continue to teach […]