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Shibuya and Shinjuku

Today in Tokyo was the kind of day that makes you estactic to be alive. The warm sun bright on your face and the cool late spring breeze blowing your hair about were a perfect counterpoint to each other. I felt as happy as I have felt in a long, long time. I felt […]

Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle

Once again I am in Japan. This is trip number 18. Flew into Nagoya and then hung around there for a few days on business before heading north on Wednesday. Kaz, JC (other JC) and I found ourselves with an hour to kill in Matusmoto while we waited for a train, so […]


For those who are not privy, Engrish is a term that refers to relatively humorous attempts by Japanese writers to use English words and phrases. This is often done as part of advertising and no visitor to Japan will probably complete their trip without seeing several examples of this. Often times the most hilarious ones […]


Chris and Himeji Originally uploaded by neepster.

Since this weekend finds me and my friend Chris B in Japan together, so we met up in Osaka and decided to go see Himeji Castle. I met up with my friend Chris B on Sunday and we hopped the trains to Himeji.

When we got […]

Come Fly With Me, Come Fly Away

It’s been almost a month or something like that since I posted to my blog. So, whatever readership I had that were not close personal friends or family has, I’m sure, given up and stopped bothering long since. But just to let you know that I am still alive, here’s a CONTROVERSIAL NEW BLOG ENTRY* […]

Shinkansen Goes ZOOOOM!

While I was in Japan last time, Mat and Sriram and I happened to be in Gifu-Hashima station near Nagoya at night when a Shinkansen went flying through the station. Sriram had the presence of mind to record it on his camera, so if you ever wanted to see (and hear) what it is like […]


Chris at the Todaiji Originally uploaded by neepster.

Another post from Japan a couple of weeks ago.

On Saturday we checked out of the hotel, checked our bags with the bell hop and took a train to Nara. Nara was the capital of Japan for 74 years starting in 710 AD, before the emperor […]

Mibu Gishi Den

Just a quick note. I finally managed to get a hold of Mibu Gishi Den this last time I was in Japan. I had to go to a few different stores in Akihabara, but finally found it in a back alley way DVD shop. A great movie. I heartily recommend it.


On Wednesday I went to Nikko, Japan. Nikko is the home of the Tosho-gu, a shrine that is the last resting place of Ieyasu Tokugawa, the Shogun who united Japan in the early 1600s. He is the same daimyo who James Clavell wrote about in his book Shogun (think Toronaga). I took the subway to […]

Nippon Encore

I am once again here in Japan. Today I find myself in Tokyo with nothing to do… my business meeting was cancelled, so I am going to go to Nikko, which has the tomb of the first Tokugawa Shogun, as well as the tombs of a couple of other important people. I was thinkng about […]


So, as I posted earlier, I am back from Nippon. Still jet lagged like crazy, but there’s not much to be done about that. I did NOT get Mibu Gishi Den. Argh! The reason this time is that I agreed to shepard two other folks from my company to Akihabara. I did so, and when […]


Well, I’m back. Very tired though, so I’m not gonna write anything. I’ll write something tomorrow… after much sleep.

Mibu Gishi Den

After discussing Mibu Gishi Den last night over sake, I learned some interesting things about this movie. First…. only one of my Japanese companions had seen it. Second, although it was translated by either the director or this website as “When the Last Sword is Drawn”, apparently Mibu Gishi Den actually, literally, breaks down as […]

The Strange Ways of Public Transport

So I am once again on the train from Ogaki. However, this time I am only mildly drunk and hence will NOT get off in Kisogawa. The sushi I had was relatively bad for soaking up sake, but since it took 4 hours to eat, I am more or less ok. I ate some squid […]


Sitting in the japanese pizza place tonight, munching on pizza almost as good as I had in Roma, sipping some sake, listening to Nora Jones doing her breathy jazz singing thing, I realized that I was feeling really, really alone. Those of you who know my very screwed up personal life will probably just nod […]

En Nippon Again

Yes, once again I am in Japan. Trip number 14. I flew into Narita this time instead of Kansai since it matched my work travel plans better. The flight over was relatively ok. I think I am getting inured to this 11 hour flying stuff, as sad as that is. Of course, that last 2 […]

Confucious Says

Chi Kang Tzu asked Confucious about government, saying “What would you think if, in order to move closer to those who possess the Way, I were to kill those who do not follow the Way?”

Confucious answered “In administering your government, what need is there for you to kill? Just desire the good in […]

Tokyo and Flying

I am on the plane again, but this time is quite a bit more comfortable than last time. After a predictable last day trip to Akihabara, Boyd and I headed for Narita on the Narita Express. We got there fairly early, which was great, because United said the flight to SFO was full and they […]

Osaka and Hiroshima

Friday night Ravi and I hopped on the Hikari Shinkansen and went to Osaka. At our stop in Kyoto, we got the “Kyoto… Kyoto desu” sound-bite from “Lost in Translation”. I think I said that about 10 times… 🙂 For those who interested in a translation of the different kinds of Shinkansen, I’m putting together […]

Found on a Pillow Card in Japan

“A Tanka Poem

I wonder if your feelings of love will last. Maybe they will, but I lack faith. I do not know. While together in the evening, I believed. But this morning, like my disheveled hair, My heart is confused. – Horikawa Taikenmonin”