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Peralta Trail Hike

On Saturday, my friend Jean and I went for a hike in the Superstition Mountains. We hiked the Peralta Trail up to the Fremont Saddle and saw Weaver’s Needle up close. It was a beautiful day and Peralta is the most popular Superstition trail, so there were a fair number of people on the trail. […]

How to Make a Kubrick

I’ve sorta settled on Random Image as my WP1.5 theme, at least for now. This theme randomly rotates the top images, called Kubricks, after the movie director of the same name. So, I spent last night trying to figure out how to make my own Kubricks out of the images I have. I found some […]

Playing with Themes

There are many new themes up for WP 1.5, so I am playing with some of them. Just in case you come to the site while I am doing it and decide you are going crazy 🙂

Very Interesting Blog

Wanna know what’s going on in Iraq? If you are like me, not really. I am pretty tired of hearing about it. However, the choice seems to either be Iraq, Terri Schiavo, or Social Security so…. This blog is an Iraqi blog from a woman who lives in Baghdad. It paints quite a different picture […]


So, as I posted earlier, I am back from Nippon. Still jet lagged like crazy, but there’s not much to be done about that. I did NOT get Mibu Gishi Den. Argh! The reason this time is that I agreed to shepard two other folks from my company to Akihabara. I did so, and when […]


Well, I’m back. Very tired though, so I’m not gonna write anything. I’ll write something tomorrow… after much sleep.

Mibu Gishi Den

After discussing Mibu Gishi Den last night over sake, I learned some interesting things about this movie. First…. only one of my Japanese companions had seen it. Second, although it was translated by either the director or this website as “When the Last Sword is Drawn”, apparently Mibu Gishi Den actually, literally, breaks down as […]

The Strange Ways of Public Transport

So I am once again on the train from Ogaki. However, this time I am only mildly drunk and hence will NOT get off in Kisogawa. The sushi I had was relatively bad for soaking up sake, but since it took 4 hours to eat, I am more or less ok. I ate some squid […]


Sitting in the japanese pizza place tonight, munching on pizza almost as good as I had in Roma, sipping some sake, listening to Nora Jones doing her breathy jazz singing thing, I realized that I was feeling really, really alone. Those of you who know my very screwed up personal life will probably just nod […]

En Nippon Again

Yes, once again I am in Japan. Trip number 14. I flew into Narita this time instead of Kansai since it matched my work travel plans better. The flight over was relatively ok. I think I am getting inured to this 11 hour flying stuff, as sad as that is. Of course, that last 2 […]

Wimbledon and Wales

I finally got around to putting up our Europe pics from Wimbledon and Wales. The pics from the Opening Day at Wimbledon are here. The narration of our adventures at Wimbledon and in Wales are also available.


Since I have finally put up the photos for Wales, I think I will write the narration to go along with them. So, without further ado, here it is.

If you’ll remember, when we last left off, we had finally managed to reach our accomodations, the Winston Private Hotel. The folks there were very nice […]

Upgrading to WordPress 1.5

Since I just set up a friends WordPress blog, I figured I’d update mine to 1.5 as well. So, forgive the ugliness of this blog for the moment… I am working to get back to the something similar to the previous layout… In other words – THIS BLOG UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The Tennis Channel Open

Last weekend were the finals of the Tennis Channel Open in Scottsdale. Wayne Arthurs beat Mario Ancic in the singles finals and Bryan/Bryan beat Arthurs/Hanley in the doubles final. It was Wayne Arthur’s first win on the ATP tour after 16 years on tour, so it was a very touching victory. He is 33. Photos […]

Best Pictures Ever

I have added gallery to my site, which will make adding photos a lot easier (I hope). To test it and start off with, I have put up the the best pictures I have taken (or been present when they were taken – since some of these are JCs) for your review. Some these […]