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February Weekend

The weekend basically started Thursday (sort of), with a nice reprise of the Pint Club at Rock Bottom. Several of us met there and had a few good beers while chatting about life. Since most of us work at the same place, work inevitably came up, followed by the inevitable cursing 🙂

Friday was a […]

Thermally Driven Exponential Resistivity in Germanium

Did that title get your attention? No, I am not back in school (thank God!). Instead, a friend of mine just pointed me to this HILARIOUS website at the University of Wisconsin with a lab report from some undergrad trying to replicate the findings whatever giant in the field determined the title to this post. […]

Grab Bag

Ok, this post is a grab bag of stuff I have sent to myself, telling myself I should put them on the blog. First up is Second Life. This is an online world where you can buy real-estate, and basically do a lot of the things you can do in the “real” world. This may […]


For those who are not privy, Engrish is a term that refers to relatively humorous attempts by Japanese writers to use English words and phrases. This is often done as part of advertising and no visitor to Japan will probably complete their trip without seeing several examples of this. Often times the most hilarious ones […]

Pretty Cool

A friend of mine noticed these very cool wallpaper photos of macs on Flickr…

Tres cool…