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With the holidays here upon us, like many folks I am trying to finish off the final few errands before Christmas strikes. This includes buying a few gifts (which I am finally done with as of this evening – whew!), packing, listening to Christmas songs and generally trying to get in the mood of the […]

Google Video

Thanks to JC’s SCHUA video, I have now discovered Google Video! I didn’t know this existed, but it is kinda interesting. Take for example this video of an idiot getting shot with 140 paintballs. Or this one of Bob Sapp (a sort of ultimate fighter in something called the K1) chasing little Japanese women around […]

Just a Piece of Paper

Apparently, last month our “Commander in Chief” called some congressmen & women into his Oval Office and tried to convince them all that the fascist, draconian piece of shite known as the PATRIOT Act was a good thing. When confronted by said congresspeople and his aides about how damaging to the Constitution this police state […]

Sailing Off Into the Sunset

Sailing Off Into the Sunset Originally uploaded by neepster.

Again, apologies for not posting very often. Work has been crazy busy. In addition to that, and in part because of it, I have been out of town a LOT. In the month of November I spent only about 8 days in the US. The […]