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More Japan

As I write this I am on a plane over the Pacific Ocean coming back from Japan for the 11th time (according to my passport). The good thing about coming back from Japan (as opposed to going over) is that you get the jet stream helping you on the way back and you can do […]


As I write this, I am on the Nagoya to Tokyo Shinkansen (bullet train, or more literally, new train). For those who don’t know, the Shinkansen are high speed trains that link most major Japan cities together at 250+kph (155+mph). They are a wonderful alternative to air travel since you can go from one end […]

Family Visit

Two new things have happened (well, more than that really, but who’s counting) recently that bears talking about.

The first is that I got a Linux reseller account on Mesopia to get more space and bandwidth. It was a pretty good deal. 2 GB of disk space and 30GB of bandwidth per month […]