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Tortilla Trail Hike

Tortilla Trailhead Originally uploaded by neepster.

Saturday I took a hike I have wanted to take for almost a year (ever since Mom, Dad, Jay and I drove past this trailhead on the way to Roosevelt Dam). I went for a hike at Tortilla Trailhead. Not to be confused with Tortilla Flat Trailhead, which […]

Economic Hit Men and Taxi Cab Blogs

From a friend of mine comes this link to an interview with an author of a new book. The book, entitled “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” is about how the NSA and CIA used civilian commercial enterprises to sink third world countries into massive debt as a means to both drum up business for […]

Pics From Christmas

Jay and Renee Originally uploaded by neepster.

Just a quick blog note to throw up some pics from Christmas. This pic is my brother Jay and his girlfriend Renee.


Happy New Year

Well, I’m back after a nice relaxing holiday vacation in Florida with the family. Things done while on vacation: sleeping (a lot), drinking (a bit), played some golf with Dad and Uncle Chuck, drove a Vette, shot some firearms with JC (first time, thx JC!), visited with cousin Chuck at his place and took a […]

Warp Speed Mr. Scott

From the realm of science fiction comes this very interesting article. Apparently the Air Force is going to try to make some warp engines using some strange quantum concept that says a very large magnetic field can be used to create a gravity well. Supposedly, if this worked, we could go from the Earth to […]

Become a Republican

From a friend of mine at work comes the following flash movie. This movie is HILARIOUS. The movie is about what you need to do to become a Republican. The premise is that the viewer is a Democrat who is tired of being a member of the losing side. So here is a short video […]