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Cool Poem/Quote

Yeah, I haven’t posted in a long while, and I shouldn’t be posting now, but I’d rather do this than write the journal paper I am working on and this will only take a minute or two.

There is a show that comes on here on Monday mornings on the History Channel called the Real […]

Schmap Guide Photos

The Flamingo

I know it has been a LOOONG time since I posted, but I have a big backlog of things to post. One of those things is the fact that two of my photos have been selected for inclusion in Schmap Guide Books. One is this Flamingo picture from Las Vegas which is […]

Humphreys Peak Hike

Humphreys Peak

The weekend before last, Brent and Barry and I went on our third hike in a row. This time was the real charm. We hiked to the top of Humphreys Peak, whose summit is the tallest point in Arizona at 12,633ft (or 12,643 ft if you include the man-made rock cairn at […]

Kendrick Hike

Humprheys Fire Lookout

This weekend was once again a hiking weekend, as Brent continues his drive to prep for Mt. Whitney and Barry and I come along for the ride… Or in this case hike. So Saturday we hopped in Brent’s Jimmy and drove up north of Flagstaff to Kendrick Peak. Relevant info […]

Damn Interesting

I have been reading this site for a while now, because every day or so they post something, well, interesting. Since I don’t have much else to post, I thought I’d link to one of their most recent interesting items, a discussion on how to design a sign to tell people 100,000 years from now […]

Shibuya and Shinjuku

Today in Tokyo was the kind of day that makes you estactic to be alive. The warm sun bright on your face and the cool late spring breeze blowing your hair about were a perfect counterpoint to each other. I felt as happy as I have felt in a long, long time. I felt […]

February Weekend

The weekend basically started Thursday (sort of), with a nice reprise of the Pint Club at Rock Bottom. Several of us met there and had a few good beers while chatting about life. Since most of us work at the same place, work inevitably came up, followed by the inevitable cursing 🙂

Friday was a […]

Pretty Cool

A friend of mine noticed these very cool wallpaper photos of macs on Flickr…

Tres cool…

Warp Speed Mr. Scott

From the realm of science fiction comes this very interesting article. Apparently the Air Force is going to try to make some warp engines using some strange quantum concept that says a very large magnetic field can be used to create a gravity well. Supposedly, if this worked, we could go from the Earth to […]

Sailing Off Into the Sunset

Sailing Off Into the Sunset Originally uploaded by neepster.

Again, apologies for not posting very often. Work has been crazy busy. In addition to that, and in part because of it, I have been out of town a LOT. In the month of November I spent only about 8 days in the US. The […]


Having written a blog update and then foolishly rebooting before saving it, I am left with nothing to write about. 🙂 However, JC has kindly written about Steve Job’s commencement speech at Stanford. It is very, very good. Please go read.

Hackberry Springs

Today I took a hike into the Superstitions to Hackberry Spring. There a couple of different ways to get there, but I decided to take the one that was least difficult to get lost on, which turned out to be the one that is most difficult to walk :). From First Water Trailhead I took […]

Brothers in Arms

There is a new WWII first person shooter game that came out in mid-March called Brothers in Arms. Prior to this game, Call of Duty was the unequivocal leader of the WWII shooters. However, after playing through most of Brothers in Arms, I can honestly say this game beats COD. The graphics are as good […]

Why Biometrics Aren’t a Holy Grail

In the security field, which has seen a lot of interest since 9/11, biometrics (the ability to identify someone by some biologically unique method – fingerprint, retina scan, etc), has become some sort of holy grail for indentification and authentication. For example, IBM recently released a ThinkPad that has a fingerprint scanner built in. You […]

How to Make a Kubrick

I’ve sorta settled on Random Image as my WP1.5 theme, at least for now. This theme randomly rotates the top images, called Kubricks, after the movie director of the same name. So, I spent last night trying to figure out how to make my own Kubricks out of the images I have. I found some […]

Wimbledon and Wales

I finally got around to putting up our Europe pics from Wimbledon and Wales. The pics from the Opening Day at Wimbledon are here. The narration of our adventures at Wimbledon and in Wales are also available.


Since I have finally put up the photos for Wales, I think I will write the narration to go along with them. So, without further ado, here it is.

If you’ll remember, when we last left off, we had finally managed to reach our accomodations, the Winston Private Hotel. The folks there were very nice […]

The Tennis Channel Open

Last weekend were the finals of the Tennis Channel Open in Scottsdale. Wayne Arthurs beat Mario Ancic in the singles finals and Bryan/Bryan beat Arthurs/Hanley in the doubles final. It was Wayne Arthur’s first win on the ATP tour after 16 years on tour, so it was a very touching victory. He is 33. Photos […]

Best Pictures Ever

I have added gallery to my site, which will make adding photos a lot easier (I hope). To test it and start off with, I have put up the the best pictures I have taken (or been present when they were taken – since some of these are JCs) for your review. Some these […]

Computer Died Again…

Two days ago, my main PC died. Yes, died. How did it die? I am sad to say it died because the processor overheated my socket. Yes, not a normal sort of failure mode, but nevertheless… The story goes like so: My main PC was overheating often, especially when doing processor intensive tasks like Unreal […]