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Shinkansen Goes ZOOOOM!

While I was in Japan last time, Mat and Sriram and I happened to be in Gifu-Hashima station near Nagoya at night when a Shinkansen went flying through the station. Sriram had the presence of mind to record it on his camera, so if you ever wanted to see (and hear) what it is like […]


Chris at the Todaiji Originally uploaded by neepster.

Another post from Japan a couple of weeks ago.

On Saturday we checked out of the hotel, checked our bags with the bell hop and took a train to Nara. Nara was the capital of Japan for 74 years starting in 710 AD, before the emperor […]


Chris and Mat at Kinkakuji Originally uploaded by neepster.

Today a delayed post on my last visit to Japan (2 weeks ago).

We spent Friday going through Kyoto. We got a bit of a late start because of complications arising from the “Shot Bar”, but we were out and on our way to […]

I’m in the News!

$3.20 Gasoline Originally uploaded by neepster.

I was at the gas station yesterday, staring in shock at the amount of money I had to pay to fill up my vehicle, when I decided to use the phone cam to record it for posterity. No more than 30 seconds after I took this picture, a […]


Gion Street Originally uploaded by neepster.

Last night we got to Kyoto and decided to go to Gion, the district famous for Geisha, the traditional Japanese art persons/courtesans. Gion today is an interesting place, full of a variety of eating establishments and bars. We wandered through Gion marvelling at the streets that looked like […]