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Creative Commons Plugin for WordPress

Reading JC’s blog drove me to Lawrence Lessig’s blog, which drove me to this plugin for WordPress, which allows one to auto set a Creative Commons license for your website. Way cool. Of course the bad news is that it is only for WordPress v1.5. Incidentally, J.C. is becoming famous!

What the Hell is Happening to this Country?

Thanks to Bitch Ph.d today for pointing me to this. Apparently the Bush administration thinks it is just fine to pay off journalists to espouse their government programs. Note that this is something that is almost certainly illegal. It is propaganda, plain and simple. This is something that Nazi Germany did for Christ’s sake! This […]

Best European Weblog

Looking for more (and better) weblogs than mine? Check out the Best European Weblog Awards for some good examples of great blogs. Incidentally, One Good Thing, a blog I read a lot is nominated for best non-European Blog. Hey, where else do you get a female adult toy store owner giving you her take on […]

A Title, A Title, My Kingdom for a Title

Ok, Christi has demanded I change my previous title “Neepster’s Natterings” to something better. I admit that “Neepster’s Natterings” left a lot to be desired. However, I do often use the name Neepster (a combination of the “neep” sounds we stole from Sesame Street alien characters and a certain doomed music company) on bulletin boards […]

Witty Plugin

Just installed the witty plugin with my giant list of quotes. Unfortunately for some reason it seems as if it doesn’t refresh everytime. Either that or some of my quotes are too long or something. I’ll have to play with it. In the meantime, enjoy.


Yes, I have to follow my little brother because I am a loser :)… on the other hand, WordPress looks like a hell of a lot nicer blogging tool than blosxom, which is what I was using before this, and that was J.C.’s fault^Hrecommendation too :)… So, please comment on the new site with WordPress […]

Free Software Magazine

The first issue of Free Software Magazine is apparently on sale. I read some of the pdf online version while trapped in a meeting today. It doesn’t seem too bad, although perhaps the most interesting part was Richard Stallman’s blog. I might consider subscribing to it, but it is damned expensive (something like $90/yr) due […]

Not One Damn Dime Day

Apparently an email has been making the rounds that request that those who don’t care for being lied to by their leaders make their feelings known on the day that George W. Bush is reinaugurated as our Commander in Chief by not spending a single, solitary dime on that day (January 20th). Sort of a […]


From the annals of wierd history come the following poems. The rough background is as follows. During the American Civil War the Confederacy (South) required large amounts of saltpeter (Potassium Nitrate-K2N03) since this, along with 15% charcoal and 10% sulfur makes gunpowder. Unfortunately they didn’t have large amounts of potassium nitrate just laying around, so […]